Skiing In Japanese

Let’s learn how to ski in Japanese!

This winter was the first time I ever went skiing, both down hill and cross country. But I had to learn entirely in Japanese, so I don’t even know if I could explain how to ski in English.

First and foremost the only word you really need to know (if you’re just starting out) is 初心者 (しょしんしゃ shoshinsha)! This means ‘beginner’ which is very important to shout at the person when getting on and off the lift so that they slow the lift down, and you, as gracefully as possible, may flop onto the slope.

If you ever plan on doing winter sports in Japan hopefully you’ll find this list somewhat helpful!

スキー板sukii itaskis
スキー場sukii jyouski resort; ski area
初滑りhatsu suberifirst ski of the season
スキーブーツsukii butsuski boots
スキー靴sukii kutsuski boots
滑りsuberislipping; sliding
スキーウェアsukii ueaski wear
スキー帽sukii bouski hat; headgear
リフトrifutoski lift
クロスカントリースキーkurosu kantorii sukiicross country ski
アルペンスキーarupen sukiidown hill skiing (alpine ski)
ロング・ターンrongu taanlong turn
ショート・ターンshouto taanshort turn
右に曲がってmigi ni magatteturn right
左に曲がってhidari ni magatteturn left
クラシカル走法kurashikaru souhouclassic style (cross country skiing)
フリー走法furii souhouFree style (cross country skiing)
クラシカル用kurashikaru youclassic skis
フリー用furii youfreestyle skis
グリップワックスgurippu wakkusugrip wax
 パラレル スタンスparareru sutansufrench fry stance (parallel)
ハの字のスタンスhanoji no sutansupizza stance (wedge)
カービングしてターンkaabingu shite taancurbing
スキーをズラしてターンsukii wo zura shite taanskidding
重心jyuushincenter of gravity
土台dodaibase of support
スノーボードsunou boudosnowboard

And that’s all I really know since I am just learning how to ski now, but if I learn more technical words I’ll be sure to update the list.

Have fun skiing!!

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