West Coast, 西海岸

This post isn’t really about a specific place but more so about the coast in general.

I went to the west coast of Aomori and honestly these roads do not disappoint. The first stop was at the Senjojiki Coast (千畳敷海岸) in Ajigasawa and then the next stop was Oiwa (大岩) in Fukaura.

The first stop, the Senjojiki Coast, is a bedrock beach that was formed by an earthquake in 1792. You can go out on the rocks and watch the waves crash against them. Also, you will almost always see an old man fishing on the coast, and I find this very impressive (such balance, such skill). Since the water comes up so close, you can feel the salt and mist in the air and the smell of the sea breeze. The Senjojiki Coast is also one of Japan’s top 100 places to watch the sunset, so I highly recommend staying for golden hour to watch the sun sink into the water.

Next stop was Oiwa! Now this place is simply gorgeous, and the path that leads to the giant rock in the water is super cool. You can follow the path that stands just above the water, walk through a cave, and climb to the top. The view is spectacular. When I went I was only there briefly before it started to rain, but the view is truly breathtaking. This rock formation also faces the west, so you’d also be able to have a nice view of the sunset. However, might be scary climbing down the rock in the dark so maybe leave before that point. 

The west coast of Aomori has so many interesting and beautiful rock formations. It makes for a lovely drive on a nice day.

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