Little Nook: Coffee & Dog

Every morning I hop into my tiny car, make my journey towards the mountain, and trek to work. On my way, I always pass this cute little house, right where you would turn to go skiing at Hyakuzawa Ski Resort.

Turns out this cute little house is actually a cute little cafe! As you can probably tell by the title, the cafe is called Little Nook Coffee & Dog.

The cafe both on the outside and in the inside has a very fresh and clean vibe. Everything is minimal: the tables are glass, the benches are made out of wood, most of the accents inside of the house are also wood, everything else that isn’t wood is white, and then lastly there are a couple of bright green plants that just tie it all together.

The couple that runs the cafe is very friendly! They add a very calming presence to the already chill vibe~

They own a German Shepard (hence the dog in the name of the cafe/ the dog in the logo is also shaped like a German Shepard), but the dog wasn’t out when I went. However, it is now my personal mission to meet this doggo!

The food at the cafe was very good, but the portions were very small. If you get a set though with a sandwich, drink, and dessert, at least for me, it was the perfect amount of food. The coffee was very good, and it’s Aomori, so of course the apple juice did not disappoint.

I really liked this cafe, and since I pass by it everyday I hope I go more often!

Also they have an instagram so I’ll link that here.

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