Kabushima shrine (蕪嶋神社)

I have yet to go to the top of this shrine, because it has been under construction since I came to Japan. Nevertheless this shrine is very picturesque! The shrine itself is located at the top of a hill that sits just above the shoreline.

The shrine enshrines the goddess Benzaiten, who is the goddess of things that flow including water, music, words and eloquence. Therefore, many people such as fishermen go to the shrine and pray for good luck with fishing and other business endeavors.

The shrine was completely destroyed in a fire on November 5, 2015. Because of this the shrine has been closed off since, but there is a temporary shrine office that is located near the entrance to Kabushima Kaihin Park.

The shrine is planning to reopen in March 2020, but because of COVID-19 I don’t know how true that is anymore. But enjoy these pictures of the temporary set up! It is still a very beautiful site!

There is also a beach right next to the park!

The shrine is also famous for the abundance of seagulls (海猫). During the months of March through August there are so many seagulls that many people carry umbrellas to avoid being pooped on, however, if this happens it is actually considered to be good luck!

Another thing I really like about this shrine is that they have a goshuin for every month of the year! I think I talked about what this is in another post, but as a refresher, basically each shrine has its own personal stamp that you can collect in a goshuincho. My stamp book is actually from this shrine and I only have 2 months, and am debating if I actually want to extend the effort to get all 12….

I can’t wait to see this shrine without the construction!

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