Kabushima Shrine (蕪嶋神社) In Spring

I’ve written about this shrine once before, but this time the umineko were in season and the top of the shrine was finally reopened!

The umineko or seagulls are in mating season for about 1 to 2 months starting in May. When I went it was the middle of May and there were already so many seagulls!

The seagulls are everywhere you look, and they come up right next to you. You actually have to be very careful that you don’t step on them, because they will not move out of the way for you.

Now let’s talk about the main shrine!

I was so excited to finally see the top of the shrine! I have been waiting almost a year for the shrine to open!

Before you climb the stairs, if you forgot an umbrella the shrine has a little cubby at the bottom where you can borrow one! (If you are worried about a seagull pooping on you.)

I mentioned it before in my first post about Kabushima Shrine, but the reason the main shrine was closed was because the shrine burnt down. This is how the shrine looks now.

The main shrine was so beautiful and a lot bigger than the original! The amount of ornate detail in the wood carvings always manages to impress me. You can also tell from the color of the wood that the shrine itself is quite new.

I really love this shrine, the view of the ocean is incredible. I, however, would enjoy the shrine a lot more during a later month, because to be honest it smelt quite terrible. The amount of bird poop everywhere was actually disgusting and reeked.

I really enjoyed the experience, but I probably will never go back in early spring…

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