Dake-Kimi 嶽きみ

Have you ever heard of dake-kimi? 

If you live in Aomori the name might sound familiar, but it’s most easily recognizable in Hirosaki! Kimi is the Tsugaru word for tomorokoshi, meaning corn. Dake is the name of the district at the foot of Mt. Iwaki. So in short Dake-kimi means corn grown and harvested in the Dake district. 

Dake-kimi tastes a lot sweeter than normal corn. This is because farmers harvest the corn in the early morning so that the sugar stored in the corn overnight remains inside. To insure its sweet taste the farmers sell the corn immediately after it’s harvested. People recommend that if you buy the fresh dake-kimi you should boil it right away for the best taste.

This delicious corn is sold starting in the middle of August and lasts till mid-September. You can purchase dake-kimi in little stalls on route 3 towards Mt. Iwaki. These stalls are run by the different families who cultivate and harvest dake-kimi in the area. Recently, you can even purchase dake-kimi at grocery stores in the city, as well as all over Aomori.

If you stop at the stalls on the mountain they first give you a sample to try, and then you can purchase either yude kimi (boiled corn) or buy the fresh corn. I highly recommend buying directly from the farmers, because it is cheap, delicious, and you help support the local farmers! 

If you ever find yourself in Hirosaki in the summer, make sure to try this sweet delicious corn.

2 thoughts on “Dake-Kimi 嶽きみ

  1. Thank you for your info (^-^) I love tasting all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and grains 🌽 🥕 🍅 🥝 🍇 But haven’t heard of this Dake-Kimi 👍 I don’t eat meat at all, rather fish, and seafood. Your articles are always very interesting and informative 😊

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