Iwakiya Honten 岩木屋本店

Today I went for a nice little stroll on the mountain.

The road leading up to Mt. Iwaki has a nice walking path with small sets of stairs and bridges. For most of the year it’s buried under snow, but in the fall and spring you can walk along it to look at the trees and see how the mountain changes throughout the seasons. In summer if you walk along the road you’ll find many little shops selling dake-kimi set up along the way.

The path eventually comes to an end at Dake-onsen. The first thing you’ll be greeted by is a cute wooden building called Oyama no eki. Just behind this is a foot bath (足湯). The water is naturally heated by the volcano, and it is free to use! But be careful because it’s actually really hot!

After that you’ll come up to an area that has Dake-onsen, The Mountain Hotel, and a couple of omiyage stores.

Even though I’d love to go to Dake-Onsen, I went on a walk today for a different reason. I wanted to go shop at Iwakiya Honten!

This is a cute little omiyage shop that sells food and vegetables grown and found on the mountain. They sell honey, sansai (mountain vegtables), dake-kimi, and more! This shop is run by a cute friendly old lady along with her husband.

If you are ever in need of good omiyage from Mt. Iwaki this is the perfect place to shop!

I bought apple honey today and I can’t wait to try it~

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