Yukata (浴衣)- History

Hello everyone! My name is Courtney and I am now a 2nd year ALT in Hirosaki, Aomori! Iwaki Mama and I are good friends and have been talking about writing for each other for a little while now so I come to you today with my first post for this wonderful blog! I will be … Continue reading Yukata (浴衣)- History

Sapporo Snow Festival (札幌雪まつり)

To be honest this was a trip I was not really looking forward to, even dreading. Not because of the bitter cold Hokkaido is known for, but because I'd just had the flu the previous week, and I was not yet feeling myself.   But this trip honestly turned out so much better than I expected … Continue reading Sapporo Snow Festival (札幌雪まつり)

Tsugaru-ben (津軽弁)

Tsugaru-ben is the local dialect spoken in the Tsugaru region of Western Aomori. Aomori Prefecture is unique in that there isn't just one dialect for the whole prefecture, but in fact there are three well known dialects: Shimokita-ben (下北弁), Nanbu-ben(南部弁), and Tsugaru-ben(津軽弁) . Tsugaru-ben is probably the most famous dialect of the three. Tsugaru-ben is … Continue reading Tsugaru-ben (津軽弁)